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Hobiecat Sailing

Hobie cat sailing lessons and rentals

Aruba has reliable winds and calm waters.

It’s a great place to take Sailing Lessons. We provide a new hobie cat with an experienced instructor to teach you how to sail around the blue waters of Aruba safely.

We also offer Rentals for Experienced Sailors. If you are have enough experience, you can rent a hobie cat at Aruba Active Vacations. You should be confident with tacks & jibes, as well as being able to avoid capsizing and know how to right it.

Prices for rental are $100 for 1 hour, $150 for 2 hours, and an extra $30 for an instructor if you’re taking a lesson.

Booking: It is simplest to visit Aruba Active Vacations, and we can arrange sailing for you. You can also call us on (+297) 586 0989 when you’re here to check availability and conditions – or email aavsurfschool@gmail.com if you have any questions.